House needs updating

25-Feb-2016 01:11

The military still uses floppy disks for critical legacy systems, and this month.

That’s starving agencies of money they need to upgrade.

government statistics showing the median age of an owner-occupied home was 37 years in 2011, up from 23 years old in 1985, lots of homes are outdated, with kitchens walled away from the family room, or small closets, says David Andreozzi, an architect in Barrington, Rhode Island.

When a house isn't pretty, some buyers will stay away, leading to a lower price.

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For people who love old houses — and love to work on them — the notion of buying a fixer-upper can be irresistible. But buying a fixer-upper can be fraught with peril.Next, subtract that from the home's likely market value after renovation, drawn from comparable real estate prices in the neighborhood.