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Her parents, both educators, divorced in 2006 and shared custody of Lauren."... Tomo is a well-known guitarist and a professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston."You know, Lauren became, pretty much, a member of the family," George Mattingly, Nathaniel's uncle, told Smith. Said Chloe, "Lauren would say, like, 'Nate's so cute. it was just not the same kid.""In the last couple years of high school, it was amazing how close we were, it was a tangible bond," said Genevieve.

she was always laughing and moving and doing something," said Dunne."She was very strong in soccer," Astley said, "then -- tennis, even though she was small.""She was tiny ... But Lauren had a big personality."She did have a lot of personality and she was incredibly honest," said friend Hannah Blahut."She was a really good friend. He was so, like, cute and fun last night.' And she'd -""-- or," Hannah interrupted, "'He was so boring, he was on his phone the whole time, I'm so annoyed, I'm over it.'""They started getting so chronically into fights," Dunne explained."And then it would be -- back together, broken up, back together, broken up."And then in the spring of senior year, on her 18th birthday, Lauren broke it off with Nathaniel for good."I think with what was the final breakup she felt some relief, life was somehow opening up along with college," said Astley. Nathaniel had been recruited to play football at Trinity College in Connecticut -- a childhood dream come true."I said, 'Well, man, you're -- you're going to Trinity to play football, aren't you excited? To celebrate their high school graduation, Lauren, Hannah and Chloe threw a big party.

Remember, no matter whom the abuse comes from, man or woman, parent or partner, older adult or teenager it is never okay and you never deserve it.

An important facet of this speech is when Bill reviews the Warning Signs that signal an unhealthy dating relationship.

Those statistics suggest that counselors of all specialties, from school counselors to addictions counselors, are likely to encounter clients who are familiar with the impact of domestic violence.

women (35.6 percent) and more than one-quarter of U. men (28.5 percent) have experienced rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime, according to a recent survey by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

She had been strangled; her throat cut."I was hoping up until the last moment that it was not her, even when we went to the Medical Examiner's office," Lauren's father, Malcolm Astley told "48 Hours" correspondent Tracy Smith.

and we just waited and waited and sat in silence, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to think, not knowing what to feel," said Chloe."And then in the morning," Genevieve said with a long pause, "they found her."Just after daybreak, Lauren's body was discovered in a marsh.And it's something that nourishes me everyday."Lauren was 12 when she got the lead in a local theatre production of "Annie.""...