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Today in Norway, more than a century after the telephone was launched, the public telephone booth has been generally replaced by the tiny personal, portable mobile phone. T’ – ‘Foreningen Til Motarbeidelse Av Kvinners Evindelige Snakk I Offentlige Telefoner’ (‘The Association of Opposing Women’s Endless Gossip On Public Telephones’) (2003: 1).They have models from all over the world and of every interest imaginable! They also have popular categories like Lesbian, Mature, Anal Sex, Curvy, Couples, Curvy, Porn Stars (their professional category) group sex, and Latina!They also have male cam models that range from pretty boys to manly studs!This site has a wide range of models with varying appearances and interests that everyone is sure to find just the naughty experience they’re logging into look for!Their site is easy to navigate and a lot of fun to be a member of! The live and smokin’ hot models of the site stream from their homes and bedrooms straight to your computer!

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The telephone was launched in the late 19th century, accompanied by the idea that ‘friends will whisper their secrets over the electric wire’ (in Due, 2003 [Kingsbury, 1915: 32]).[1] However, as Beathe Due (2003) notes in her compelling analysis of gender-discourses and telephone-usage in Norway, because of already existing social, cultural and economical bourgeois etiquettes, these discourses were transferred into perceptions of correct usage of the telephone by those who could afford to use and own a telephone. Hence, criticism of women endlessly gossiping in public telephone booths has been supplanted by criticisms of girls and women who, using mobile phones, shamelessly share their most intimate and personal matters in public space.