Benji madden dating christina aguilera

08-Jul-2016 19:05

Both twins look pissed off, although we’re not really sure why.

As you all know these famous people and may be familiar of thier looks and styles, Here We offer you a great photo collection of stellar bodies with their tattoos and the motive of thier unique designs. Megan Fox Megan has a tattoo with the image of Marilyn Monroe.

The picture was taken at the award ceremony «Teen Choice Awards» in Universal City, California. Pamela Anderson Tattooing in the form of barbed wire on the left shoulder, model Pamela Anderson has appeared in 1996 during the filming of a sci-fi movie «Barb Wire» Pamela was in the title role. Evan Rachel Wood Actress back is decorated with a quote by Edgar Allan Poe, which states that: “All my only weapon that I vividly see or seems, – a dream within a dream? In 2011, the actress admitted in the magazine Esquire that she has nine tattoos, including one of them inside of the lips, which she does not show to anyone. Johnny Depp After breaking up with actress Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp changed the tattoo on his shoulder with the inscription “Winona Forever” to “Wine is good.” Here you can see in the picture tattoos as a sparrow flying over water and under it the name of Jack, his famous character from “Pirates” – Captain Jack Sparrow. Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz has expressed her love for numerology tattoo, “883” and the religious, tribal crucifix on the inside of her right hand. Christina Aguilera The website said that the singer has five tattoos on her body, including her nickname Xtina, tattooed on the back of the neck. Justin Bieber Justin Bieber in the company of his girlfriend Selena Gomez on the beach in Hawaii in late May 2011. Translated from the Italian, this phrase means “Life with no regrets” 12.

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Good Charlotte went with total nostalgia for their new music video on Funny Or!

She also has a tattoo of “shhh …” on the index finger, which she did after a night partying with Lindsay Lohan, who also has a similar tattoo. Tommy Lee On the body of the former drummer «Motley Crue» Tommy Lee is like a difficult one to find the missed tattooed area.

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Both twins look pissed off, although we’re not really sure why.… continue reading »

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